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A Breathe To Ride Adventure 

Dancing with Butterflies 

A new series from Sky View Farm!

Angelina Natale had a wonderful idea to collaborate with Kristen Whittaker and Katie Behner after participating in one of the Breathe To Ride Clinics.  

The result is a new book series called “Breathe to Ride Adventures” and the first book in the series is “Dancing with Butterflies “ Available Now! 

This story tackles an issue that we have all faced…being nervous.

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About The Author
  Angelina Natale  


Angelina Natale is a small business owner and a mom to two adult daughters. She has a soft spot for most furry, four-legged animals. Over the years, her home has been crowded with dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, horses and even an African fat-tailed gecko named Lightning.  Raising two strong-willed daughters and wrangling their wayward pets has given Angelina a front row seat to some amazing adventures. In 2023, Angelina combined her 20+ years of CFO and business training with her love of creativity to dive into the world of children’s books. She currently lives in New Hampshire with three horses, three dogs, two barn cats and a couple of humans. You can reach Angelina by emailing her at or follow her and the real-life ponies on Instagram and Facebook at @SkyViewFarmAdventures.

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