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Breathe To Ride
Clinics Dates


Show To Ride - Spring Texas 

December 1-3 2023
Whit Acres Farm Norwell MA
The Next Breath - Breathe To Ride  (Level 2) 


2024 Dates

✨With this news, please IM Kristen Whittaker on Facebook  with your request for a specific date and location. 

✨We anticipate clinics to fill quickly so first come, first serve. 

✨Waitlists will be added as needed. 


***Note that $300  deposits will be collected as of (and not until)

January 1, 2024 via cash, check (Whit Acres Farm), or Venmo.

IMG_0047 2.jpg


Breathe To Ride 3-day Clinics:

Jan 12-14 - FnS Dressage, TX

                   May 3-5 -Mountain Lane Farm, NH 

                   June 21-23 - Gelinas Farm, NH

                  July 19-21 -Whit Acres Farm, MA

                 Oct 18-20 -Mountain Lane Farm, NH

                 Nov 22-24 - Whit Acres Farm, MA



Fitness Mondays

June 24 -  Gelinas Farm, NH

July 22 -  Whit Acres Farm, MA

Nov 25 - Whit Acres Farm, MA

Dec 9 - Whit Acres Farm , MA


Private Lesson Days

     Oct 21 - Mountain Lane Farm, NH

     Nov 20 - Whit Acres Farm, MA

     May 6 - Mt Lane Farm 

      Dec 4 - Whit Acres Farm, MA

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